The gambling corporation Las Vegas Sands plans to create a new gambling house in Florida

American gambling company Las Vegas Sands has announced plans to build a new casino resort in Florida.

A gambling house can be created from Pensacola to Jacksonville. The construction of the establishment, according to experts in the gambling industry, can cost Las Vegas Sands a tidy sum — from 250 million to 500 million US dollars.

Read Also: Japan Launches Composite Casino Resorts Law and Regulations.As reported by NewsOfGambling, Las Vegas Sands wants to invest in digital gaming technology.Earlier it became known that Las Vegas Sands will finance lobbying for the legalization of casinos in Texas. Recall that Las Vegas Sands also intends to invest in the development of projects in Asia. Do you want to keep abreast of the events of the gambling business? Then subscribe to the gambling newsletter and receive the latest news directly to your email.

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