Operators of Scottish gambling establishments have the soil knocked out from under their feet

The UK Betting and Gambling Council criticized the actions of the Scottish authorities, which introduced new restrictions on the operation of casinos. The Scottish government has ordered gambling establishments to close at midnight to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Officials have once again knocked the ground out from under the feet of casino operators in Scotland, who throughout 2021 opposed unexplained government decisions related to the prevention of coronavirus, the Betting and Gambling Council notes. The organization stressed that the next restriction is disastrous for gambling establishments, the operators of which have done everything to ensure sanitary safety.

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Casinos do most of their business after 10:00 pm, and forcing them to close at midnight is economically harmful. This decision by officials demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of the gambling industry, the UK Betting and Gambling Council said. Since, the organization explained, the fate of hundreds of employees of Scottish gambling houses becomes incomprehensible, in addition, the income of casinos, from which the state receives taxes, will decrease.Agencasinoslot wrote that in South Africa, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the authorities demanded that gambling houses suspend work. As reported, since May 2021, anti-coronavirus restrictions on the activities of gambling establishments have been lifted in Massachusetts. Do you want to keep abreast of the events of the gambling business? Then subscribe to the gambling newsletter and receive the latest news directly to your email.

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